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Our statements

_______________________________________________Involved in architectural and urban heritage


Organizing a national network, including all those involved in the professional- and governmental fields, the citizen heritage movements, etc... Such a network might act as a platform, initiating, brainstorming, feedback and modification.

Scouting the historic archives, dealing with central-, regional- and municipality agencies, institutes, commercial and private parties; this all is an extra ordinary important part of the game, to imple ment in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Appointments have to be made with the holders- and care takers of historic archives; it should be well stored and protect to steeling and damage of water, fire and insects.

Initiating and development, focused on education/ training tools, in general and more particular in the fields of architectural- historic, documentation, archive and legal matters. Stimulating particular initiatives in the fields of restoration techniques and development of craftsmanship.


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