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Colonial architecture in Indonesia pdf [135 KB]

Ruimte voor verbeelding. pdf [76 KB]

The quest for the ultimate architecture. Indonesia in the late colonial period pdf [149 KB]

Dream or reality, BPPI congres Bukittingi 2008 pdf [335 KB]

Medan urban develpment by planters and entrepreneurs pdf [62 KB]

Bandung, notities over de ontwikkeling en uitleg van een stad 1900-40 pdf [4.394 KB]

Bandung a short history pdf [970 KB]

Henri Maclaine Pont architect pdf [2.169 KB]

C.P. Wolff Schoemaker - Indisch architect pdf [2.669 KB]

Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn 1809-64 pdf [4.123 KB]

Curriculum Vitae: particular on Indonesia studies ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Born : April 21, 1945.
Place : Noordwijk aan Zee
Country : the Netherlands

Address / office : PAC Architects and Consultants b.v.
Choorstraat 13
5211 KZ 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Cor Passchier MArch
E mail : [email protected]
Public Profilehttp://nl.linkedin.com/pub/cor-passchier/26/709/750
Heritage consultant / architect researcher
Function: Director-manager PAC architects and consultants B.V.

General scope of directorial functions, regarding Indonesia .....

1983 - 1989
: Vice President of the Royal Society of Dutch architects / BNA.
1987 - 2000 : Chairman/member of the 'ARSI Foundation' (Architecture and urban planning in Indonesia); a platform joined by researchers.
1988 – 1998 : Member of the BNA-commission for Foreign affairs and BNA-representative for Indonesia, particular to stimulate the implement of the 'Letter of Intent' with the IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia).
1988 - ..… : Member of correspondence of the 'Paguyuban Pelestarian Budaya Bandung'. (heritage organisation)
1991: A honoured member of the organization of Indonesian architects (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia) 'IAI' and received an IAI Award for stimulating the co-operation between the Indonesian/ Dutch architects regarding the architectural- and urban heritage in Indonesia.
1993 - 1995 : Member of the 'Platform Nederlands Stedebouwkundig en Architectonisch Erfgoed buiten Europa' (Platform governmental and non-governmental institutes regarding urban/ architectural heritage outside Europe)
1995 - 2000: Member of 'HARP’, a network of Dutch consulting firms / scholars, with extensive experience in the field of urban development and housing projects.
1997- 2000 : Member of FNI (Forum Nederland Indonesia) and executive of the Cultural board.
2001 - 2002: Chairman of the 'Lighthouse', Department 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Society of directors in building business.
2002: Honoured by BNA (Royal Dutch society of architects), with an Award, regarding the maintaining of relations between the Dutch and Indonesian organisations of architects.
2003 Lecturer COMWAS (Comparative World Architecture Studies), University of Leiden.
2005 - 2007: Chairman of the foundation SVL/ Stichting Vrienden van Linggarjati. Involved with the Indonesian counterpart FINED, to the revitalization of the museum in Linggarjati, Kuningan.
2012- .....:Member of the Advisory Board of PDA, Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur (Central documentation centre), Jakarta - Indonesia.

Research, publications and projects regarding Indonesia .....
2014: November 14, Jakarta. Speaker at 'the Heritage Fair' as a UNESCO Award holder, the event was supported by UNESCO.
2014: November 3, lecture at USU (University of North Sumatra) Medan, about 'The old city into trouble'.
2014: March: RUANG - Indonesian magazine about Architecture and Space. Contributed the article: 'A historic legacy, former Forts in Indonesia today'.
2014: March 8, Lecture and presentation about 'Koloniale architectuur en/of Indonesisch erfgoed', over gebouwd erfgoed uit het Nederlands-Indische verleden. TU.Delft, on invitation of 'De Vereniging Histechnica en KIVI-NIRIA'.
2014: Tijdschrift De Paraplu uitgave van 'De Nederlandse Club - Jakarta - Indonesia'. Contributing some articles:
- December: Bank Indonesia en gebouwd erfgoed.
- October: De Pasar, voor iedereen van alle tijden
- August: Het hoofdkantoor van de KPM in Jakarta
- May: Wonen aan de rand van het oerwoud
- March: Bijzondere en opvallende gebouwen
2013: Tijdschrift De Paraplu uitgave van 'De Nederlandse Club - Jakarta - Indonesia'. Contributing some articles:
- December: Holland in de heuvels
- October: De Willemskerk in Jakarta
- June: Het Witte Huis in Jakarta
- April: Het oude Stadhuis van Batavia
- February: De Kunstkring in Batavia
2013: September, Report 'Basic principles for conservation', Gedung Maramis I. Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.
2013-....: Member of the (PDA)consultancy team, on the restoration of the Daendels Palace (Gedung Maramis l, 1808-28) in Jakarta. Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia.
2013: Co-curator of the exhibition: 'Forts in Indonesia', October 11- November 10, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia.
2013: March. In cooperation with and commissioned by the Indonesian embassy in the Netherlands; producer of a Picture gallery (19 posters 70/100 cm) at the Pasar Malam in den Haag; on the subject : National cultural heritage 'Forts in Indonesia'.
2012: Co-author of the book: 'Forts in Indonesia'. Contributors: Cor Passchier, Djauhari Sumintardja, Endy Subijono and others...
A publication of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia.
2012: Co-author of the book: 'Tegang Bentang; - Seratus Tahun Perspektif Arsitektural Indonesia'. Authors: Mohammad Widyarta, Bambang Eryudhawan, Nadia Rinandi, Soeryono Herlambang, Cor Passchier, Abidin Kusno, Yuswadi Saliya, Soewondo Soetedjo, Gunawan Tjahjono, Endy Subijono, Handinoto.
A book on how architecture development in Indonesia evolved during the twentieth century. Tension among generations of architects, as well as tension due to contextual condition at any given time, is the main theme of the book.
Chapter titled: Mencari arsitektur Indonesia yang utama pada masa akhir kolonial.
2012: Tijdschrift De Paraplu uitgave van 'De Nederlandse Club - Jakarta - Indonesia'. Contributing some articles:
- December: Oude forten en versterkingen, een nieuwe toekomst
- October: Het huis van Reinier de Klerk
- September: Holland in Indonesië, de erfenis van het verleden
2012: March, Magazine NOW! - Life in the Capital (Jakarta). Article: Legacy of the Past in the present Indonesia.
2012: June, joining and contribute to the Workshop on Conservation of the Ministry of Finance building, AA Maramis I, Jakarta.
Coordinator: Workshop regarding Conservation Technique and a lecture (presentation) about: ‘Conservation of historic buildings. A limited compendium of general issues and causes that may occur at the start of a restoration’.
January, joining and contribute to the pre-Workshop on Conservation of the Ministry of Finance building, AA Maramis I, Jakarta.
Co-author of the book: ‘Pengantar panduan konservasi bangunan bersejarah masa kolonial’.
PDA (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur), November 25. Authors: Febriyanti Suryaningsih, Han Awal, Endy Subijono, Hubertus Sadirin, Nadia Rinandi, Cor Passchier, Indah Sulistiana, Arya Abieta, Djauhari Sumintardja, I Gede Ardika. This book publication is about ‘Conservation Guidelines’ (in particular regarding heritage buildings, built in the colonial era in Indonesia). Contents: basic theory of conservation, regulations, laws, history of architecture in Indonesia, history of building technology, step by step conservation planning and process and conservation technique - methodology in general
Member Advisory Board, regarding the preparation of the rehabilitation/ conservation of the historic buildings (1809-27) of the ministry of Finance, Jakarta.
2011: Advisor. regarding the preparation of the conservation of the Immanuel Church (1835), Jakarta.
March. Member Advisory Board, regarding the preparation of the conservation of the Museum Sejarah Jakarta (former Town hall of Batavia c.a. 1710).
December 2. At the day of the closing ceremony, the project ‘Inventory and Identification of Forts in Indonesia’ was brought to an end. The responsible project leaders from PDA and PAC, Dr. Djauhari Sumintardja and Arch. Ing. Cor Passchier signed the ‘Protocol of project completion. Earlier, the project content (date base 442 forts), web site, film and catalogue, was delivered and hand over to the Director-general of the ministry of Culture and Tourism, ir.mw. Aurora Tambunan.
2010: October 2010, in cooperation with the authors: Bambang Eryudhawan and Djauhari Sumintardja, published a book regarding a brief history of social housing in Indonesia; title 'Kilas Balik Perumahan Rakyat, 1900-2000.
May 27, Townhall City Dordrecht. Joining a symposium 'Tropenarchitectuur'. Contributed with a presentation/ lecture: 'Charles Prosper Kemal Schoemaker. De creatie van de Stad --- Over beeldkwaliteit en identiteit---'
2010: Jakarta, April 13-15. As a member of the SGHI-delegation, joining the Workshop on 'Community based Housing and Urban heritage conservation'. Contribute with a presentation on 'Survival of historic buildings and structures'.
2010: February 1, Gorontalo- Sulawsi Indonesia. Evaluation meeting project 'Inventory and Identification of Forts in Indonesia', contributed with a presentation/ lecture 'The hard road from ruin to a first class building'.
2009: November 18. Lecture, at the opening of the exhibition 'On the occasion of the bicentenary of the explorer of the island Java, Erasmushuis Jakarta. Title 'Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. Scholar-Freethinker.
2009: November 14. Lecture for the 'Friends of Erasmushuis', titled 'Koloniale architectuur of Indonesisch erfgoed? (Colonial architecture or Indonesian heritage). Menteng, Jakarta.
2009: October 10. Lecture at the launching of the BONAS publication nr.45 (book) 'Henri Maclaine Pont, architect- constructeur- archeoloog'. The lecture titled 'Henri Maclaine Pont 1884-1971'; NAI Rotterdam.
2009: 'Masa lalu dalam Masa Kini Arsitektur di Indonesia' a book publication edited by Peter J.M.Nas, contribute with an article: 'Arsitektur Kolonial di Indonesia', Rujukan dan Perkembangan.
2009: On request of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, joined a seminar: 'Pemanfaatan dan pengelonaan Gedung Cagar Budaya Departemen Keuangan' (Re-use and management of the cultural historic buildings of the Ministry of Finance). Contribute with a lecture regarding :'Pemanfaatan, pengelolaan dan investasi bangunan bersejarah milik negara di Belanda' (Re-use, management and investment in historic buildings in the Netherlands). As member of the speakers panel, contributed to the general discussion as well. January 29.
2008: In cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the organization of a Workshop and Master class on the subject 'Documenting Cultural Heritage' or the 'Conservation of historic photographic material' From the Netherlands joined by the NFm, HM, RACM and KIT, with a particular concern to the Master class by the Nederlands Fotomuseum (NFm). December 2008.
2008: Jakarta, joined a workshop organized by the Bank Indonesia, regarding: '300 Forts in Indonesia'. Contribute with a lecture and presentation regarding: 'In search for another use, Forts in Indonesia'. August 29.
2008: Bukittingi (West Sumatra), joined a congress 'Heritage conservation = Economic development', organized by the BPPI (Badan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia)/ Indonesian National Heritage Trust. Contribute with a lecture and presentation regarding: 'Dream and reality or The survival of historic buildings and structures'. August 22.
2008: On request of the Indonesian Government joining an examination survey regarding the historic archives of the Colonial Public Works (BOW/ Burgerlijke Openbare Werken); a cooperation between the National Archives of Indonesia and the Netherlands, also joined by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and the Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur (PDA) in Indonesia and supported by the Indonesian architects an urban planners 'Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia'. The project is intend as a prelude to a greater research project.
2008: Den Haag, location Pasar Malam, lecture: Indische architectuur of Indonesisch erfgoed? (Indisch architecture or Indonesian heritage?), May 30.
2008: Arnhem, location Bronbeek, lecture 'Koloniale architectuur of Gebouwd erfgoed?' (Colonial architecture or architectural heritage?), February 10.
2008: The start of a project called: 'Documenting Cultural Heritage' or the conservation of photgraphic glass negatives. This in cooparation with the Indonesian government, ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Stadium 1. The training of Indonesian professionals in the Netherlands, May- July. PAC functioned as the responsable NGO and representative of the Dutch counterparts, Cor Passchier functioned as project manager.
The implementation of stadium 2., a seminar and Masterclas is held in December, location Jakarta.
2007: Leiden, location 'Volkenkundig Museum', lecture: The Identification and Inventory of Forts in Indonesia, June 20.
2007: Cooperate in the architecture exhibition 'TEGANG BENTANG' or The 20th Century, architecture in Indonesia. Launched in Jakarta, November.
2007: Launching of the book 'The Past in the Present', Architecture in Indonesia, January 19, NAI Rotterdam. Cor Passchier contribute with the article 'Colonial Architecture in Indonesia', References and developments.
2007: In January 19, Cor Passchier received the 'Professor Teeuw Award'. This award is related to efforts undertaken in the field of the cultural relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia; in 2007 particular concerned to research and publications in the fields of architecture and urban planning.
2006- 2010: Identification and inventory of Forts in Indonesia, field- and archive survey. A project in cooperation with the Indonesian government/ Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Indonesian national documentation centre PDA (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur and PAC. The project is financial supported by the government of the Netherlands (HGIS cultural programme).
2006: Advising the city Rotterdam, concerning the cooperation with the City Makassar/ Indonesian government, regarding the rehabilitation of Fort Rotterdam and its environment, in Makassar.
2005: December, contribute a lecture 'Colonial architecture in Indonesia, references- and developments', KTLV workshop 'The Past in the Present', Leiden.
2005: Het huis Reinier de Klerk, een voormalige buitenplaats in Jakarta'. (The house Reinier de Klerk, a former country house in Jakarta). An article in KNOB-bulletin (architectural/historical magazine), nr 6.
2005 - .... October, lectures at the university of Indonesia, Depok and the Tarumanagara university, Jakarta.
April, contribute a lecture 'Conservation to day'. A seminar in Jakarta, Design Center.
2004: November, contribute a lecture 'The Indonesian national documentation centre for architectural- and urban heritage'; Delft university of technology, the Netherlands. Wrote an article in the publication 'Dutch Involvement in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Overseas', Delft university of technology. Title: 'Documenting architectural heritage in Indonesia'.
: Counterpart (PAC) of the Indonesian national documentation centre PDA (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur), particular in architectural- historical research. Pilot project: documentation of the historic wing of the Department of Finance (1809-1826) Jakarta. Finished in April 2005.
2003: October, contribute a lecture ‘Challenges and opportunities for Jakarta Kota
. Historic- monumental sites and the identity of the modern city.’ At the seminar ‘Planning the surrounding environment of the ‘Museum Sejarah’ Jakarta; Jakarta, Indonesia.
2003: Co-organizer (BNA) of the workshop for professionals, regarding the establishment of a National Documentation Centre concerning architectural- and urban heritage in Indonesia (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur). Also contribute a lecture regarding the subject.
2003: Contributor of articles/ material in the book ‘ The Dutch overseas’, by Prof.dr.ir.C.W. Temminck Groll a.o. Particular regarding Bandung and Medan.
2002: September, team of architects (Han Awal-Budi Lim-Cor Passchier) received an IAI award; concerning the restoration of the former National Archive in Jakarta.
2002: Field research, meeting and joining a seminar regarding Linggarjati in Jakarta; as advisor/ consultant regarding the renovation of the National Museum buildings (Sjahir/ Naskah) in Linggarjati.
2002: August, contribute a lecture ‘Architectural monuments as identity carriers in the present urban setting.’ At the seminar ‘The architecture of the Jakarta historical museum’.
2002: January 2002, team of architects (Han Awal-Budi Lim-Cor Passchier) received the Unesco Heritage Award of Excellence; concerning the restoration of the former National Archive in Jakarta.
2000: Organizer exhibition ‘ Young Dutch Architects’, young Dutch architects in Indonesia, October, Jakarta. A co-project of BNA/ IAI. A workshop regarding the role and position of young architects in both countries was included.
1999: Advisor Sumatra Heritage Trust, Medan. Particular the rehabilitation of the former Town hall. Advisor Association Friends of the Sumatra Heritage trust, same asset.
1999: Received (together with the Indonesian architects Han Awal and Budi Lim) in November 1999 an IAI award regarding the restoration of the monumental side of the complex former Arsip Nasional, Jakarta.
1999: Organizer exhibition ‘ Arsitek Muda Indonesia’, young Indonesian architects in the town hall of the Hague/ Jakarta, April 1999. A co-project of BNA/ IAI..
1998: Given a workshop on architectural heritage, held in Medan on request of the Sumatra Heritage Trust, November 1998.
1998: Finishing and opening project restoration former National archive complex, new function museum for archives.
1998: Co author, book ‘Architecture, Indonesian Heritage', article regarding Garden cities/ Sub urban housing. Published in November 1998; Didier Milet- Singapore.
1997: Development of the Jakarta Waterfront. Master plan and feasibility studies. As a senior- consultant joining a greater team -of Dutch and Indonesian consultants- given a contribution on the subjects ‘urban and architectural heritage’ and ‘development of the spatial concept’.
1996: ‘A new challenge for the Ujang Pandang Waterfront’, a feasibility study regarding urban and architectural history, potentials for development.
1996: Advisor, TV documentary AVRO/ production, regarding colonial architecture in Indonesia.
1995: Article in Forum bulletin volume III (Forum Nederland Indonesia/ Indonesia Nederland). 'Architects and buildings in the former Netherlands-Indies'.
1995: Co-architect (in joint with the Indonesian architects Han Awal and Budi Lim) regarding the restoration/ development of the formal National Archive in Jakarta; which will be re used as a museum a.o. facilities.
1995: Co-organizer (as representative BNA) of a seminar and workshop regarding 'Urban dynamics’, the maintenance and surviving of the older town centres in Indonesia; September 25-29. 1995: Pemugaran Arsip Nasional; text and illustrations, book publication regarding promotion activities.
1995: Architectural historic survey, regarding the re use of a old office building at the Kali Besar Jakarta, Panghegar group/ heritage hotels.
1993 : ‘Urban Issues in Urban development.’ A contribution to a book published by the Leiden University, edited by Peter J.M.Nas; regarding the urban development, architecture and housing in Medan Sumatra.
Joining (and chairman) a workshop 'Architecture and urban planning' Indonesia; a common project of the university of Leiden and the ARSI foundation. Delivered a lecture ‘Housing in Indonesia, after 1900'.
1993: Conference proceedings, second international conference September 16th-19th, 1992. DOCOMOMO international, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany. 'The cultural environment project, Bandung/West-Java, Indonesia.
1993: ‘Medan, founded by planters and entrepreneurs’. An article in Spiegel historical, monthly magazine for history and archaeology, nr. 7/8.
1993: BNA co-organizer (counterpart IAI) of a seminar and workshop in Medan/Sumatra, regarding 'Urban dynamics’ , the maintenance of the older town centres in the present Indonesia. The workshop will be organized in 1995.
1993: Lecture referring to the publication of 'De Indische reisschetsen van Berlage' (The Indonesian voyage sketches of Berlage); published by the Dutch Institute of architecture/ NAI and Nelissen van Egteren contractors. ‘Architects and architecture in pre independent Indonesia’.
1993: 'De onzekere toekomst van het huis Reinier de Klerk, Jakarta'. (The uncertain future of the house Reinier de Klerk, Jakarta). An article in KNOB-bulletin (architectural/historical magazine), nr.5/6.
1992: Lecture contributed to the second International DOCOMOMO conference in the Bauhaus/Dessau, Germany September 1992. 'The cultural environment study for Bandung, Indonesia.
1992: Architectuurontwikkeling in Nederlands-Indië. (Developments in architecture in the Dutch-Indies).
An article in Lighthouse magazine, nr.5.
1991: Modern movement in Bandung, Indonesia. An article in DOCOMOMO-newsletter, nr.6.
1991: On request of the Yayasan Pelestari Budaya Bangsa (Indonesian national heritage trust), a proposal regarding a feasibility study concerning the establishment of a museum of architecture in Indonesia'. Production in cooperation with drs.M. Willinge, staff member of the 'Nederlands architectuur Instituut'/ NAI (Dutch institute of architecture).
1991:A mutual heritage. Medan, hoofdstad van Noord-Sumatra. (Medan, capital city of North-Sumatra). An article in KNOB-bulletin (architectural/historical magazine), nr.4.
1991: On request of the Yayasan Pelestari Budaya Bangsa (Indonesian national heritage trust), a proposal to preserve the Menara Syabandar (Harbour building) at Pasar Ikan, Jakarta.
1990: An architectural-historical survey on the former 'Kantor Antara', Jakarta, designed by the architectural office AIA in 1926.
1990: An architectural-historical survey on the building 'Kantor Immigrasi', Jakarta, designed by architect P.A.J. Moojen in 1913.
1990: Organized - as BNA representative - a Dutch training project on documentation for Indonesian architects. A common programme between the IAI and BNA.
1990: Lecture contributed to a workshop in Helmond (March 26) 'Bandung',
Lain dulu - Lain sekarang'. The workshop was a part of the exhibition 'Het Indische bouwen'.
1989: Involved to the preparations regarding an exhibition in the municipality museum of Helmond, 'Het Indische bouwen'.
1989: Bandung, laboratorium van het moderne bouwen in de koloniale nadagen.
(Bandung, laboratory of modern architecture at the end of the colonial period). An article in KNOB-bulletin (architectural/historical magazine), nr.5.
1989: Worked in Indonesia - in contract with DHV-consultants - from April until June at an inventory/documentation project. This study 'Inventory of monuments and worthwhile buildings in Bandung' was a part of the greater study of the BMA (Bandung Metropolitan Area) project. The result is published in 2 reports.
1988: Co-organizer (together with the IAI) of the seminar 'Change and heritage in Indonesian cities' Delegation leader of the Dutch quorum of lectors. As one of the lectors contributed a lecture regarding 'The modern movement of architecture in Indonesia, particular the signification and contribution of the modern movement in the development of the city Bandung'.
1988: Bandung, groei en ontwikkeling van een stad, 1900-1942. (Bandung, extension and development of a city, 1900-1942). Article in a book 'De Stenen droom', dedicated to the emeritus-professor dr.ir. C. W. Temminck Groll.
1987: A lecture, held in Brighton U.K. (the World congress of the UIA) on the subject of common research between Indonesian and Dutch architects.
1986: Initiator Databank of architects/ urban planners; names, locations, figures of architects/buildings in Nederlands-Indië/Indonesia, until 1966. Continue project.
In 1988 the 'Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg' published this list, which was completed by an essay of H.Akihary.
(The book: Architectuur en Stedebouw in Indonesië, 1870-1970).
1986: Lecture 'Modern architecture in Indonesia, particular Bandung'. Contribution to a cycles of 6 lectures, regarding the departure of Prof.dr.ir. C.L.Temminck Groll, Delft university.
1985: As below, part II.
1984: Architecten en het bouwen in Nederlands-Indië. part I. (architects and building in the Dutch-Indies), a publication in the architectural magazine Plan.
1983: Het moderne bouwen in Nederlands-Indië. (Modern architecture in the Dutch-Indies). a publication in the heritage magazine Monumenten. 2013: March.



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